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Nikolas R. Webster, PhD.

Research. Instruction. Experience.

Dr. Webster is a Clinical Assistant Professor within the School of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan. He is also a faculty member in the Center for Sport Marketing Research as well as the Center for Sports Venues & Real Estate Development within the School. Dr. Webster is the faculty advisor for the Michigan Sport Venture Group (MSVG), a student organization specializing in entrepreneurship within the sport industry. He has degrees in Kinesiology and Athletic Administration from Indiana University's School of Public Health, as well as a Ph.D. in Sport Management from Florida State University.

Dr. Webster's primary areas of research focuses on consumer loyalty, sport fandom, and issues surrounding the economics and management of sport. He uses both quantitative and qualitative approaches to inquiry, and his research has relevance in the fields of consumer behavior, marketing strategy, and economic development. His other research interests include ego involvement, Self-Determination Theory, sport merchandising, sport venues, corporate social responsibility, and branding. Dr. Webster has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as International Journal of Sport Management and International Journal of Business in Sports, Tourism, & Hospitality Management, and he has delivered numerous peer-reviewed research presentations at national and international conferences. 

Dr. Webster has taught over 10 different courses within the sport management discipline, including courses on consumer behavior, data analytics, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing. In all of his classes, Dr. Webster prioritizes critical thinking skills, collaboration, and professional development. He also has experience tutoring high school, undergraduate, and graduate students outside of the sport management field, including courses on agile project management, clinical kinesiology, event ethics & sustainability, franchising, leadership theory, MATLAB programming, and personal finance. Dr. Webster has delivered talks on sport merchandising, marketing and facility management, and musical performance.

Beyond academia, Dr. Webster has worked with organizations in both the public and private sectors, including those within youth sport, campus recreation, collegiate athletics, higher education, and professional sport (seen below).

Dr. Webster is a brother, son, and an uncle. He has six siblings (Kyle, Aly, Abi, Noah, Keaton, & Joe), four nephews (Kalvin, Finley, Manning, & Malachi) and one niece (Gwyn). He enjoys playing pick-up basketball, attending concerts, reading, and hanging out with his dog, Gus.

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